Sozo Revealed… our Personal Path

The moment I understood that the will of God for me is healing and divine health, I was completely healed of Multiple Sclerosis, leaving the wheelchair behind. Suddenly, I realized just to what degree the devil had robbed me of a good life. Continuer la lecture de « Sozo Revealed… our Personal Path »

Hard Work

There appears to be comfort in religion that attracts people. Traditional churchgoers often seem to think that they can physically work hard and obey a set of conventional man-made rules to please God. However, the Bible does not say it is impossible to please God without obeying rules or traditions. In fact, Hebrews 11:6 says that without faith, it is impossible to please Him. Continuer la lecture de « Hard Work »

The Good Fight of Faith

In the Bible, we see that we can fight a good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12). Being equipped to fight begins with knowing that God’s will for us is always good (meaning He doesn’t put bad things like illness upon us) and knowing that God is supernaturally powerful in all things (meaning He doesn’t need bad things like disease to try to teach us something). Continuer la lecture de « The Good Fight of Faith »

The Cracked Pot

Lately, I have received several emails containing a copy of a PowerPoint presentation about an ancient oriental proverb describing an old woman with her two pots, one of which is cracked. It’s a story that was intended to encourage others and supposedly, to demonstrate wisdom, but somehow, I was irritated by the presentation. Finally, I decided it was time to thoroughly dissect my reaction in order to compare the message of the story to the wisdom of the Bible. Continuer la lecture de « The Cracked Pot »