Le Plan gagnant de Dieu (Jérémie 29 :11)

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Savez-vous que Dieu nous a offert un plan gagnant (Jérémie 29 :11) en mettant la dette de nos péchés sur Jésus?

Si la religion, les dénominations et leurs traditions vous ont empêché de voir ce plan suprême, j’ai une bonne nouvelle, et je veux que vous l’appreniez. Cette bonne nouvelle peut changer votre vie à partir de drette là! Le plan de Dieu pour ses enfants est merveilleux! Continuer la lecture de « Le Plan gagnant de Dieu (Jérémie 29 :11) »


God’s Winning Plan (Jeremiah 29:11)

Did you know that God offered us a winning plan (Jeremiah 29:11) by putting the debt of our sins on Jesus?

If religion, denominations and their traditions have prevented you from seeing this matchless plan, I have good news and want you to learn about it. This good news can change your life right away! The plan of God for His children is marvelous! Continuer la lecture de « God’s Winning Plan (Jeremiah 29:11) »

A Church with Testosterone is Great!

To be a new creation [2 Corinthians 5:17] implies we become re-created and therefore, re-creative.  That’s good news! The more we allow the word of God to transform us, the less conformed we are regarding the world we walk in. That’s when life has a real meaning. We no longer live in nor live by the world standards [Romans 12:2], which starts to look drab and boring in comparison to the new accesses we have in our global newness. We now have better ideas, as men, than being entertained by the ultimate fighters or the news on television. We are no longer just church goers. We’re super men! We’re the Church, Anointed in the Holy Ghost to expand over and above the limits of carnality. Continuer la lecture de « A Church with Testosterone is Great! »