A Worker of Calibre

Here is Marie-Hélène, a worker of calibre. Always joyful, filled with the Holy Spirit, vigilant in the Word and of unshakeable faith, her testimony is strong, real and comforting.

Marie-Hélène works hard. Awake at 2:00 in the morning, she spends hours studying the Word of God and at 6:00, she leaves to begin her school bus run as a driver. After the route, she goes to Impact Church of Red Deer where she is a custodian.

She has two daughters, Svetlana and Amandine, who, despite very modest finances, have succeeded where many fail: Svetlana is a French Immersion teacher in Edmonton while Amandine is a 2nd year Nursing student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Hats off to you girls!

Just the same, Marie-Hélène and her girls experienced a horrible life at the hands of a husband that struck them and abused them regularly over 13 years.

Poor and beaten, they came to the Lord under the covering of Pastor John and Ingrid Huizing and the Word of life propelled them into a life of victory. When Marie-Hélène preaches, no-one would ever suspect that she is a simple custodian an she can even make many preachers blush!

One day, Marie-Hélène asked God for a new vehicle. Her car had become dangerous. A short while later, the Lord gave her a brand-new vehicle, free of charge!!!

That is only one example; we could write an entire book about how Marie-Hélène walks everywhere in the favor of God.

Some years ago, Marie-Hélène was our ministry secretary, at the very beginning, but we soon noticed that her prayers of faith are answered, her advice, wise, and her faith, contagious.

We thank God that we have such a woman of calibre as a friend, and we give Him all the glory.

Rev. Louis Viens



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