Fusion: A Relationship Between God and Man Through Jesus Christ

I have good news for you if you have made Jesus your Lord and Savior: you have been made one with God. You are born again, and this new birth is nothing less than a fusion of the Spirit of God with your own spirit. You have been forgiven. You have eternal life. Your spirit has been recreated.

Jesus came to show us the glory of the Father, showing His love in many ways, so that we would become one with Him in the same way He and the Father are one. In the same way as Jesus, and through our faith in Him, we also are one with the Father. Jesus adds, “Me in them and you in me,” addressing the Father, while the reason for his prayer is that we would become “perfectly one” (perfectly united) so that the world would know that He loves us as much as he loved Jesus. Isn’t that good news?

It isn’t religion but instead is a marvelous fusion between us and God through Jesus Christ. It’s a relationship, and as such, we are tied together with the Father as He is with us. Suddenly, God isn’t so far and inaccessible after all!

Be encouraged by these words and start thanking our great God while meditating on this message today. You will never again feel alone! Reading: John 17:21-23

—Rev. Louis ViensFusion 2


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